• Mobile Phone Applications have Smartly Penetrated our Lives, and How! :

World is no longer getting mobile, because it has already become mobile, smartly! This is the age of mobiles with ‘smart’ features and apps that let you talk, connect through social media, click pictures, share live updates, create and share professional presentations, get access to live data available on your personal cloud, and much more.

Following facts proclaim the extent of smart phone penetration into our lives:

• Market for mobile application development is projected at $37 to $60 Billion by 2014
• Over 20 billion mobile apps have been downloaded
• Android application development is six times higher as compared to Apple’s iPhone application development
• Out of all the Google Page views, 10% are mobile, which is a great boost for mobile application development companies
• Most of the mobile web users are mobile only, and rarely use desktops, laptops or tablets for web access

  • Why do you need Mobile App for Your Business? :

There are 4 times more mobile web users than people with internet on their laptops or PCs, which indicates the pace at which mobile devices have taken over. Mobile Apps are replacing websites; and people no longer use laptops to deliver impactful sales presentations, create brochures or proposals, cut live videos, or analyze real-time stats. All this is being done using mobile or tablet based apps on iPad, Android or BlackBerry phones.
As everybody around you is using mobile apps for personal and professional use, making your business mobile is the only alternative to stay in the competition.

  • Draft PPC Campaign Process :

We first create what we call a ‘draft campaign’; this is where all our ideas flow together and much fine-tuning happens at a granular level. We optimize each element towards various metrics such as geographical targets, your business goals, keyword match types and more.

  • Mobile Applications Can Help Improve your Business :

As per the industry reports, businesses experience a minimum of 20% revenue enhancement within 90 days of launching their mobile apps.
Innoveins is one of the leading mobile application development companies that offer iPhone application development and android application development services to its esteemed clients.
We develop customized applications ranging from simple QR code scanner to payment gateway enabled shopping apps. Additionally, we can market these applications to increase your consumer base, and also provide maintenance and support to upgrade these applications for any OS.
Our mobile application developers are experienced in developing mobile applications in iOS and Android and can assist you right from conceptualization, design, and development to marketing.
Your business needs to be mobile, because your customers are! Contact us to be a part of the app revolution!