How well is your current Banner Ads campaign performing? Are you achieving your aim of lowered costs while maximizing your returns? While Banner Ads provide an excellent method to attract traffic to your site’s landing page, they can be very if you partner with the wrong provider. That’s why you need the Innoveins Banner Ads proposition. We guarantee you maximum marketing ROI, enhanced Brand Awareness and Recall and maximum clicks, with no worry about Cost Per Impression (CPM).
We meet your campaign objectives by using various forms of targeted display marketing. Our comprehensive technological suite includes re-marketing, behavioral display Ads, contextual display Ads, strategic day-parting and geographically targeted Ads.

How Does Innoveins Do It All?

  1. We Research Your Brand Requirements:
  2. Our very first step is to look at your business from a unique perspective. We put our efforts into finding out what your business requires and how to get the maximum eyeballs for your particular product or service. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all banner Ad campaigns. We also don’t just offer you a pre-packaged inventory of sites where we your Ad can be published.

  3. We Custom Sponsor Your Ad Placements :
  4. Our need is to ensure maximum brand value recall and the lowest costs for our clients. Accordingly, we negotiate high profile placements and exclusive packages for your Ads on online media, product discussion forums and other premium sites. We investigate these sites with respect to your unique offering and ensure that you get maximum exposure.

  5. We Bring You Cost Advantage Using Real Time Bidding Methods :
  6. We don’t burden you with multiple Cost Per Impression packages which may not offer you much in terms of lead generation. Our packaging gives you an unbeatable advantage; you pay only CPC charges, but reap the full advantage of 1000s of free impressions! In order to move beyond impression buying, we indulge in Real-Time Bidding (RTB) through various Ad exchanges to reach your core targets. We strategically use third-party data providers to get the right price advantage.

  7. We use Advanced Targeting Technologies To Create Custom-Targeted Ads :
  8. We can custom-target our display Ads based on various factors. Our proficiency includes geo-targeting, country and region specific targeting, and vertical targeting. We cover various online verticals such as shopping news, business, entertainment, music, automotive, finance, health, technology and so on.
    Our behavioral targeting technology can aim your Ads at the right gender. We can further custom-target towards specific areas of interest. We also optimize your Ad for the right size, design advantage, optimum frequency, high-impression rate, maximum conversions, day parting and time of the day.

  9. We Grab Viewers Attention With Our High-Tech Design Initiatives :
  10. We use dynamic creatives to create dynamically modifying, attention-grabbing banners, to ensure our display campaign’s success. We infuse our designs with decades of best practices to maximize your ROI with each dynamically updating Ad impression.

  11. We Dynamically Increase Your Conversion Rates Through Re-marketing :
  12. A single impression may or may not register. Likewise, a single click may not make a conversion, which is why most businesses don’t succeed in converting one-time clicks. You’ll agree that’s a huge loss. How to prevent it?
    At Innoveins, we’ve perfect extremely efficient remarketing strategies to identify and tag anyone who clicks your banner Ads. Our specially designed dynamic creative Ads follow them as they surf the internet, presenting special offers and so on.
    We achieve three important objectives through this exercise, 1) Repeat brand exposure and 2) Increased traffic and 3) Greater conversions. Our remarketing strategies succeed in brining your customers back to your site when they’re ready to make a purchase. Remarketing also builds brand trust since we deliver targeted impressions to the same visitors on a daily basis.